09.11.15: “Kazakh Society and Culture – A Country of Contrasts and Wonders” – Occasional Paper Online Now

Kazakhstan’s steppes and towns have for centuries been at the crossroads of great surrounding cultures. The Persian, Sinic, Slavic and European civilisations have all left their mark on Kazakh society and its indigenous nomadic traditions. Today, modern and traditional values and ways of thinking co-exist and the identity of Kazakhstan is a product of both this dualism and contemporary internal and external cultural influences.

Since Independence, Kazakhstan has strived to reclaim its proud pre-Soviet past, build on the material advances made during the Soviet period, and generate centripetal force from the country’s diversity and contrasts – as our latest Paper seeks to explore.

KazakhstanUNSC.com – a multilingual website dedicated to Kazakhstan’s bid to secure a seat as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the years 2017/18 – is pleased to present the thirteenth in its series of Occasional Papers, entitled “Kazakh Society and Culture – A Country of Contrasts and Wonders”, online as of today.

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