11.05.16: Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev Presents New Manifesto: “The World. The 21st Century”

On March 31st, during an address to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington D.C., Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev outlined his vision – the Manifesto entitled “The World. The 21st Century”, which calls on world leaders to prioritize demilitarization and agree to a comprehensive new program: “A World Without Wars”.

The Manifesto – which has since been awarded the status of Official UN Document and praised by former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, among others – cites a similar document by Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell, in which they asked “a dreadful but an inescapable question: shall we put an end to the human race, or will mankind be able to renounce war?”

Warning against the dual threats of terrorism in the nuclear age and the erosion of previous international security achievements, President Nazarbayev affirms that: “to end all wars is the most challenging task for our civilization. But there is no other reasonable alternative. […] In the 21st century humanity must take decisive steps towards demilitarization. We won’t get another chance.”

The Manifesto proposes to work towards a nuclear-free world – an area in which Kazakhstan has already made major contributions on the world stage – to “expand existing geographical initiatives to gradually eliminate war as a way of life”, and to “eliminate such relics of the Cold War as military blocs, which threaten global security and impede broader international cooperation.” The document concludes:

“’The World. The 21st Century’ reflects a sincere concern for the fate of future generations, which will live and work in the coming decades.  We, the leaders of states and politicians, bear an enormous responsibility for the future of humanity.  As an individual who went through hardship and difficulties, and as a statesman who made the difficult decision to close the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site and renounce nuclear weapons, I urgently call on world leaders and the entire international community to listen to reason.  We need to do our utmost to free humanity from the threat of deadly wars forever.  There is no more important goal.”

The text of the Manifesto is now available in five of the UN languages – English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic – at the webpage of Kazakhstan’s bid for a non-permanent seat at the UN Security Council in 2017 – 18: KazakhstanUNSC.com.

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