24.06.16: Kazakhstan Prepares for United Nations Security Council Vote in New York

On June 28th the UN General Assembly will convene in New York to elect five non-permanent members to the UN Security Council for 2017 – 2018.   Kazakhstan is bidding to become the first Central Asian country to join the UNSC as a non-permanent member, in the Asia-Pacific Group.

As the ninth largest country in the world, a regional leader and global partner, Kazakhstan supports peace, prosperity, individual opportunity and economic development, and intends to bring its unique experience and expertise to bear on the pressing challenges currently facing the UN Security Council.

Home to over 130 different nationalities and ethnic groups, Kazakhstan is nothing less than a microcosm of the United Nations. Its bid is based on four central pillars: food security, water security, energy security and nuclear security.

In the 24 years since gaining Independence and joining the United Nations, Kazakhstan has learned important lessons about the development of relations with its allies, regional neighbours and international trading partners, and in recent years has successfully chaired both the OSCE and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

In a new article in The Hill entitled “High time for Central Asia and Kazakhstan to have a voice in UN Security Council”, Kazakh Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov stated:

“I recognise that we are a young country and that membership of the [UNSC] is a heavy responsibility. But I believe that what we have achieved and the way we have behaved over the past 25 years shows what we can offer. We hope that the election of June 28th will finally give Central Asia a voice on the Security Council and allow our country to step up its contribution to global peace and progress.”

Kazakhstan is fully engaged in its commitment to assume key responsibilities as a member of the United Nations Security Council.   We hope you support our bid, and invite you to forward this newsletter to others that may be interested in this topic. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for all the latest news and progress on Kazakhstan’s UNSC bid.

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