07. – 08.06.16 – Sustainable Development Goals Workshop, Addis Ababa

02.06.16 – Exhibition, United Nations Headquarters: “National Contributions To SDG 7 And Sustainable Energy For All Astana EXPO-2017: Exploring New Horizons”

31.05.16 – “National Contributions To SDG 7 And Sustainable Energy For All. Astana EXPO-2017: Exploring New Horizons”

28.05.16 – UNDP Side Event: “African LDCs Should Invest In Emerging Opportunities to Secure Graduation to Middle-Income Country Status”

27.05.16 – Kazakh delegation takes part in UN conference on the Istanbul Programme of Action

23.05.16 – First Ever Hearing on UN Security Council Elections 2017 – 18, UN Headquarters

16.05.16 – Photo Exhibition: The Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan: The Kazakh Model of Public Consent and National Unity

10.05.16 – Photo Exhibition Dedicated to Kazakhstan Opens in Paris

06.05.16 – The UN General Assembly held “Religions for Peace” forum initiated by Kazakhstan

29.04.16 – Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism Exercises, Almaty Region

28.04.16 – “Kazakhstan: Building A Nuclear Safe World” Photo Exhibition, UN Headquarters

25.04.16 – UNESCO Department to Honour 80th Birthday of Kazakh Poet, Anti-Nuclear Activist

21.04.16 – Seminar in Denmark Discusses Kazakhstan’s Contribution to Global Nuclear Security

19.04.16 – Gala-Concert and Fashion-Show

11.04.16 – Memorial Ceremony on Commemoration of the Rwanda Genocide

04. – 22.04.16 – Substantive Session of the UN Disarmament Commission

31.03.16 – Nursultan Nazarbayev met with president of the Carnegie Endowment William J. Burns

28.03.16 – High-Level Symposium: Synergies Along The Silk Road For Agenda 2030

28.03.16 – Thematic side-event, New York City

21.03.16 – Celebration of the International Day of Nowruz

14.03.16 – Gender and demographic policy of Kazakhstan – growth, reforms, sustainable development

11.03.16 – Kazakh Food Festival at UN Headquarters, New York City

02.03.16 – Side-event to promote Kazakhstan initiatives within the UN Agenda, United Nations Headquarters, New York City

26.02.16 – 2016 Nuclear Security Summit Event, New York City

22.02.16 – Side event with the participation of the Minister for Economic Intergration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, New York City

30.10.15 – Press Release – Future Energy Forum: Climate Change and Energy Of the Future

12.03.14 – Press Release by UNODA – Workshop on Nuclear Non-Proliferation held in Kazakhstan

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