29.06.16: Kazakhstan Elected to the United Nations Security Council for 2017 – 18

24.06.16: Kazakhstan Prepares for United Nations Security Council Vote in New York

18.05.16: Kazakh Foreign Minister Calls for Global Anti-Terrorism Coalition on UN Visit

11.05.16: Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev Presents New Manifesto: “The World. The 21st Century”

27.04.16: News Outlet Profiles “Kazakhstan’s Passionate Bid for UN Security Council Seat”

05.04.16: On Visits to Brussels, Washington and Havana, Kazakh President Promotes Security, Cooperation

31.03.16: “Kazakhstan Ready for UNSC Role”: Interview with Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov

23.03.16: “A Knowledge-Based Economy: Education and Science in Kazakhstan” – Occasional Paper Online Now

01.03.16: “Kazakhstan and the UN – Towards a Stronger Partnership” – Occasional Paper Online Now

18.02.16: “Kazakhstan a Strong Contender for UNSC Seat” – Dr Shahid Qureshi

05.02.16: Kazakh Delegation Attends African Union Assembly of Heads of State

22.01.16: Kazakhstan’s International Initiatives Discussed at High-Level Meetings in New York

09.11.15: “Kazakh Society and Culture – A Country of Contrasts and Wonders” – Occasional Paper Online Now

17.09.15: “Kazakhstan’s Foreign Policy” – Occasional Paper Online Now

01.09.15: “Religious Tolerance and Inclusion: A Kazakhstan that is United in Diversity” – Occasional Paper Online Now

20.06.15: “Kazakhstan’s Green Agenda” – Occasional Paper Online Now

06.02.15: “Kazakhstan’s Economy: A Model for Transitional States?” – Occasional Paper Online Now

30.01.15: “Political Development in Kazakhstan” – Occasional Paper Online Now

19.12.14: “Democratic and Social Reform in Kazakhstan” – Occasional Paper Online Now

11.11.14: “Nuclear Security in Kazakhstan – A Global Leader in Nuclear Responsibility” – Occasional Paper Online Now

27.10.14: “Energy Security in Kazakhstan – Powering the Future” – Occasional Paper Online Now

20.10.14: Kazakh President Nazarbayev Visits Brussels

13.10.14: “Water Security – Vital to Peace, Vital to Progress” – Occasional Paper Online Now

06.10.14: Kazakh Foreign Minister Idrissov in New York for the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly, meets US Secretary of State John Kerry

22.09.14: “Food Security in Kazakhstan – Feeding the World, Nourishing Peace” – Occasional Paper Online Now

08.09.14: “Kazakhstan and Global Security – Bridging East and West” – Occasional Paper Online Now

01.09.14: Kazakh Foreign Minister addresses 6th UNAOC Global Forum

08.08.14: Kazakh Deputy Foreign Minister makes official bilateral visit to Africa

25.07.14: Kazakhstan pledges its commitment to Least Developed Countries (LDCs)

09.06.14: Kazakhstan’s Candidature to a Non-Permanent Seat in the United Nations Security Council for 2017/18 – Introductory Paper Online Now

16.05.14:  Introducing Kazakhstan’s Bid to Secure a Non-Permanent Seat on the United Nations Security Council for 2017/18

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